IDS: art and design 1: Introduction

I first got my idea for my IDS while scrolling through tumblr at home. I came across a picture of someone named Minori. It was quite inspirational to me, especially as it was during october and I desperately needed costume ideas. I decided to create something similar to what I had seen. Something earthly and flowery, representing life and mother nature. It would be an interesting costume that could not be found in stores. It was fun to make, and counted for marks, so it was a win/win.


IDS: art and design

This blog will be my way of showing you how I created and completed my first project.

I unfortunately lost a couple photos I had taken during the process of creating this project, I will instead draw out pictures and describe them in the text posts I make.

I will do my best to describe what I was doing, step by step, as clearly as possible.